Healing Rejection and Breaking Free of Self Hatred

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Published: 25th November 2010
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Healing rejection and self-hatred is especially crucial in today's society. We see many youth and young adults turning to alcohol and drugs as well as experiencing emotional disturbances such as eating disorders and self harm tendencies such as cutting. The root cause of these emotional disturbances and addictions is rejection and self-hatred.

Many youth, young adults, and adults are in need of overcoming self-hatred and experiencing healing rejection in their lives. Rejection can start in the womb and is an emotional wound that is created within the emotions and mind and can affect the will. Our will provides us with the ability to choose and to make wise decisions. When a wound of self-hatred has been created within the child, young adult, and adult they will experience dramatic emotions which can lead to addictions, self hurt issues, eating disorders and even autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It is essential that you learn to reach deep within to experience the overcoming of negative emotions that are at the root of these destructive behaviors and diseases. Experiencing a free will and being able to choose to receive the peace and joy available through Jesus Christ is achievable when you experience the overcoming and healing of these wounds.

There is a scientifically proven link between negative emotions and toxins being released in the body that produce sickness and disease. It is essential that you recognize the relationship between spiritual sickness and physical sickness in order to overcome the self-hatred and other dangerous emotions that lead to sickness and disease as well as addictions and self-destructive behaviors. Rejection is a spiritual issue that must be addressed through a spiritual perspective. Online sites offer assistance in learning about overcoming these negative emotions that create a persistent lifestyle of sickness and emotional destruction. These issues are healed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Overcoming practices such as cutting and self-hatred is achievable as we learn to deal with the root issue. Having a physical disability, being shy, being teased, being overweight, and other common experiences can result in self-hatred and other dangerous emotions such as rejection which can result in sickness and disease. The pain caused by these words and experiences can result in a lifetime of unwanted thought patterns and decision-making patterns. In order to break free you must step into the healthy thought patterns that are only available through the renewed mind that is offered to believers.

Jesus Christ provides a way out from these negative and harmful thoughts and mindsets. Healing rejection and self hatred is achievable as you learn to properly receive the blessing provided through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God loves us so much that he sent his only son, Jesus. Jesus demonstrated before His death and resurrection authority over sickness and disease. He demonstrated mercy when others would have stoned the adulterous woman. Jesus simply said, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Everyone there in the crowd dropped their stones and walked away. Perhaps the words of others have created wounds on your soul that have resulted in rejection and self-hatred. Overcoming these dangerous strongholds that bring with them disease and sickness is achievable through the power of Jesus Christ. Receive deliverance from strongholds and thought patterns that pertain to self-hatred and experience the freedom of living a healed and healthy life. Online ministries provide prayers of deliverance and truths that lead to healing rejection and self-hatred.

Healing Streams is a trusted source for healing rejection and overcoming self hatred as a Christian.

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